Patient Tesitmonials

The first help anyone receives that walks through the door here is the calm, peaceful vibe that permeates the office. Then the warm, personable presence of Dr. G. That is the beginning of your healing process. I've experienced the SpectraVision Therapy, which has helped tremendously. Most recently the new Cellular Detox foot bath has, I think, excelerated my progress. I can now eat and drink whatever I want without vomiting. I'm sleeping better and generally have a more positive and happy outlook. This would not have been possible without the awesome care I've received here. Thanks so much!!

-Melissa Wallace

First off, I have never felt more important to a doctor than I do when I go see Dr. G. I truly feel and see she cares about my overall health. She used techniques I have never been exposed to before and every single one works! I feel good again! I want to get out of bed instead of going back to sleep! I also have been doing the Cellular Detox and can tell it prompts me to make better food choices. Thanks Dr. G!

-Candi Dickerson

My experience with Tara Wellness has been that of a newborn baby. I had never gone to a chiropractor and really didn't understand how alignment affected everything else in my body from back pain, to kidney stones, to digestion. Approximately two years ago, I had suffered for 3 months with lower back pain and my older sister recommended I get an appointment with Tara Wellness. The day I walked in I could barely sit, let alone stand. Dr. G evaluated me, then started her healing magic and the pain was gone. How could that be? But it was true for several days, but slowly but surely it came back. I kept seeing Dr. G as well as my own personal physician regarding this problem. I was then advised I had kidney stones by the physician and sent to a specialist. I shared the information with Dr. G and she did a little this and a little that and BAM!!! No more kidney stones!!! This was definitely a financial blessing. I did a Cellular Detox during my time with Dr. G and IU could see the poisons leaving my body but also those age spots which I vainly called freckles started to fade and some disappeared. I was advised once by a friend: Don't go to chiropractors because once you go, you have to go the rest of your life! My answer is: to maintain personal health and age gracefully, I use all the blessings God has given me. A dentist for strong teeth, an eye doctor for good vision, a physician for illness, and Dr. G to make sure the above mentioned "healers" are doing their job. Personal wellness is a lifetime regime not just a whim. Going to Tara Wellness will be the best investment in yourself. You will have choice in your life; choose wisely.

-Constance Gibout

I would like to thank Dr. Grzesiakowski for encouraging me to have the Cellular Cleanse foot bath. It not only got the bad chemicals out of my body but it gave me a lot of energy for several days.

-Frankie Stamey

When soaking my feet with the EBpro for the first time at Tara Wellness Center, I was amazed to see the toxins rise to the top immediately. I want to thank Dr. G and the staff for helping me with my problems- they are completely gone. I no longer have trouble with my weak bladder.

-Gertrude Lowe

I began taking my 14 year old daughter to Dr. G in March of 2006. Her initial x-rays showed that she had scoliosis. Our daughter had seen a chiropractor her whole life, receiving her first adjustment in the hospital only hours after bith. Spinal care was never an issue, so we were shocked to discover the scoliosis. We began treating her using the Brimhall protocols- the six steps to wellness. In September she turned 15 and received the best birthday present ever, her x-rays showed that her spine was now straight! Her scoliosis was gone, without metal rods, or barbaric procedures. Thank you Dr. G for all you have done for my daughter and my family.


When I first started receiving care from Tara Wellness Center, two years ago, I was suffering from low back pain and extreme pain from a rotator cuff injury from several years before. I had been given therapy and cortisone shots to relieve the pain, but it didn't work. Surgery wasn't an option because from my research it really wasn't effective. After Dr. G worked on me I am almost pain free. She suggested an ointment (BioFreeze) that I use when it flares up and that takes care of the pain. I have to admit that I chose this chiropractic office because they had purple signs. It is my favorite color. It was the best choice I could have made. Dr. G is a compassionate caring doctor who treats the whole patient. She suggests nutritional supplements and diet to help in healing. Also, if I have a problem because of stress, lifting or yard work, she makes sure I get an appointment that day or the next. Not having to wait three or four days for help is very important when a person is in pain. I would and have recommended Tara Wellness to anyone who is suffering. It's the BEST.

-Betty Gibout

I have been a patient of Tara Wellness since 1999. I made the decision to invest in my health by doing the Cellular Cleanse foot bath series. After 5 treatments I noticed that a lump that I had on my left hand below my thumb joint began to shrink dramatically. I have been burdened with knee aches for some time. The foot baths have also helped to lessen my pains. I am excited about the health options that are offered at Tara Wellness Center.

-Vicki Laughridge

The pain in my neck is gone and I'm now able to get in cars without pain. The numbness in my fingers is not as intense. Overall, I feel much better.

-Gene Richards

After the first visit it was clear that I came to the right place. Improvements began quickly and stayed improved. Last Thursday, after all of the months living with this pain, I was finally completely pain free. I bragged about it to anyone who would listen and I didn't hesitate in telling all of the great work (or magic) that is done here. Dr. Caryn is the best.

-Kevin H. Plageman

I am coming from Texas to utilize Pu;sed Magnetic Cellular Exercise to get some relief. Having been a hospital nurse for 40 years and retried now, I knew I was not improving. I had been ill two months and had one blood transfusion. My very worried family wanted to help me recover so I came to Tara Health and Wellness. Recovery started within the first hours of treatment. The most noteable was the nagging cough! I could not make a complete sentence without two bouts of coughing. After the cleansing treatment, I could walk to the bathroom without help. After Dr. G did the adjustment, I was able to sleep four hours the first night. The next day the life coach started teaching about diet changes. By day four I was walking free of pain, coughing diminished by half, talking on the phone with no shortness of breath. Daily treatments with Dr. G helped with total body recovery and being able to talk with a life coach helped ME to improve my attitude to recovery. The life coach gave me encouragement to think and act upon my "life choices." I have the wheels of life in my hands and I plan to travel a longer road during this lifetime.

-Karen T.

Since using the PEMF at Tara Health and Wellness, my energy level is better than it's been in several years. The pain in my back, hips, and shoulders is 99% better. I am taking less insulin and hope to soon be off of it.

-Sara M. Bates

I am an RN (since 1985) and have been a patient at Tara Health and Wellness for over 10 years. I’ve worked in critical care full time for 20 years, doing 12-hour shifts. My body has been pushed to the limit! I have osteoarthritis throughout my body and I know all my weak areas. My knees have been replaced. I have stenosis and herniated discs. Every one of my vertebrae shows arthritis and damage. Tara Health and Wellness has kept me alive and moving. The PEMF has been added to my treatment plan and has turned my life around. Before the PEMF machine I was slowly getting worse but now I am getting better! I feel like I did several years ago. My pain is about 90% gone. I have noticed I am not as tired and I bounce back quicker. There are so many ways I have been helped with this machine. My varicose veins are disappearing, my feet swelling has disappeared, no more indigestions, I’m able to hold my bladder better. I have been able to hold my retirement off, which is huge. My husband that has been diagnosed with dementia and severe depression has made a huge turnaround. He is smiling again and talking. I no longer have to hold him by the hand and lead him. I feel like a wife again. If you could see the difference it has made in our lives, you wouldn’t think twice about getting on this machine. You can’t put a price on that. I have a marriage again. I want to thank you for putting our family on this therapy.

-Gail Whiteaker

Since being treated by Dr. G my pain has decreased by 90% and my circulation has increased and overall health has improved tremeandously. Thanks, Dr. G!

-Renard Mills

Before I started treatment I was experiencing numbness in my legs and fingers along with mild headaches. Now, with treatments, I'm feeling like a new person with more energy and no more pain. Wish I had done treatments years ago.

-Kevin Barkwell

The SpectraVision is an amazing tool that brings the "user" to a new state of physical and emotional well-being. It is as if the invisible pathways of the body are traveled down and the old baggage of emotional issues that link to physical infirmities are released. You feel a new sense of being grounded in health and as prior issues are resolved a new network of health is opened.

-Bernice Hunter

I have to admit, when I first heard about the foot bath detox I thought it sounded hoaky and naturally I was skeptical. I let it sit in my mind for several months. I had a baby and caught candida from my daughter. Being that I have no spleen made a perfect atmosphere for the candida to have a party. Not knowing what I was doing, I had taken antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection. Of course the candida LOVED that. I had also made a few other mistakes...needless to say I was covered with candida. It covered 50% of each breash (not just a little - we're talking blisters that bled). It was in my mouth and every other location you can think of! I tried everything to get rid of it. My body was just too weak and my immune system was shot. I fought the candida for nearly 5 months. Then I remembered the detox that Dr. G had talked about. I called and made an appointment. I was still skeptical but desparate. I was going to die if I didn't get rid of the yeast! I went through the procedure complete with visual and sound therapy. I wasn't expecting a miracle but I think I found it. Within 24 hours after the procedure, over half of the yeast on my breasts was GONE. By my second procedure (a few weeks later), the yeast was about 85% gone. I also felt livelier and less tired. To my surprise a planter wart on my finger had also died and fallen off. Now when I do the detox I feel light afterward. Alsmost as if it has given me energy. My head seems clearer too. I recommend this to anyone. Thank you, Dr. G!

-R. DeFrancesco

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