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Dr. Caryn Grzesiakowski

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Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy


Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy has been shown to restore the electrical potential of a cell, thereby stimulating the bodies’ natural healing ability.

The regular tuning of our cellular system is needed to address the needs of the cell. This tuning or charging of the over 70 trillion cells can aid in slowing aging and lowering the risk of cell dysfunction. Using pulsed electromagnetic fields cells can be charged.

Cellular magnetic therapy and/or exercise use electrical energy to direct a series of magnetic pulses through injured tissue and bone. Each magnetic pulse induces an electrical signal that stimulates cellular rehabilitation and exercise. When a pulsing magnetic field penetrates into a bone, the pulsing magnetic effects cause tiny mechanical movements. This creates small electrical currents inside the bones and cells.

PEMFs work to:

  • Reduce pain, inflammation, the effects of stress on the body, and platelet adhesion.

  • Improve energy, circulation, blood and tissue oxygenation, sleep quality, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, the uptake of nutrients, cellular detoxification and the ability to regenerate cells.

  • Balance the immune system and stimulate RNA and DNA.

  • Accelerate repair of bone and soft tissue.

  • Relax muscles.

Fayetteville, GA Chiropractor | PEMF. Dr. Caryn Grzesiakowski is a Fayetteville, GA Chiropractor.